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My Back is Hurting Me Again

In fact the root of this problem goes back a long time, to when I was in college. I was drinking beer at this party with the girl that I was dating and all of a sudden a very large and very drunk guy took a swing at me. Later on I learned that he had mistook me for some guy he thought had stolen his girl. Someone else told me that the girl had never wanted anything to do with him and it was all stupid. A Sacramento chiropractors clinic ended up fixing me up after it was over, but that seems to only remedy the situation for a couple of years. So now I have to figure out where to go to get it fixed again. In fact the whole story was hilarious to all of my friends, because drunk guys are not any good at fighting and I was not interesting in the nonsense.

At any rate this guy swung at me and missed. He swung a bunch more times, I would have been laughing too. Then he just rushed at me and I did not have any place to go. This guy was enormous, about two hundred and forty pounds I would guess. He fell on top of me and I landed on top of a coffee table. It was not good and I knew it right away. Luckily for me the people who own the house jumped on this lunk and threw him out of the place. They were not very nice about it and then they seemed to be worried that I would sue them. Of course they had almost nothing to do with it and I barely had much to do with it myself. Ever since then my back has flared up ever so often.