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Finding a New Chiropractor for My Son

My family and I just moved to San Francisco recently, and so we’re in the process of finding local doctors in the area. My son regularly visits a chiropractor, due to an old sports injury that occurred two years ago. He goes into their office once a week for adjustments related to his spine. I knew that we would have to find a chiropractor in San Francisco as soon as possible, in order to maintain his weekly treatment schedule. I immediately began to ask my friends for recommendations.

One of my friends got back to me right away and told me about a chiropractor that she has been visiting. She has had really bad headaches for most of her life, and has found that going to a chiropractor for treatment has really eased the pain. She told me where her chiropractor was located, and I was happy to find out that their office is not far from where we live. I got excited and decided to go online to learn more about their practice. One of the first things I noticed on their website is that there currently running an Internet special. I thought that this would be a good opportunity to try a new chiropractor at a reasonable rate.

I picked up my phone and called the office in order to schedule an appointment. One of my concerns was that they would be flexible with my schedule as well as my son’s schedule. I work and my son goes to school, and it’s difficult for either of us to take time off for an appointment. I was immediately reassured that they offer convenient appointment times, including evening appointments. This put me at ease and I proceeded to make the appointment for the following week. I’ve already pulled together all of my son’s medical records, and I plan to bring them with us to the appointment.