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An Aggressive Form of Acne

My daughter had a very aggressive form of acne. It really surprised me because she has a very healthy lifestyle, and neither her father or myself had acne issues growing up. Though we did not understand the cause, we knew we had to find a solution, because she was feeling pretty miserable with it. I looked online at several different doctors in the area, and I finally decided that Balcones Deramtology was the one that we wanted to try over all the others here in the Austin area.

I really liked reading the reviews and seeing just how much he has helped people with all kinds of skin issues. The thing that sold me instantly on him was the fact that so many people commented on how conservative he is in whatever skin issue his patient is facing. That is really important to me too because I knew that a lot of doctor’s can be quite aggressive. My daughter needed a doctor who would give the right care instead of going full tilt with something extreme. I wanted to try whatever was at the bottom of the treatment options first, since it was possible it could work. It was also likely that whatever is first has the least harsh side effects.

Well, we did end up going through a few different treatment options, but none of them worked. That is when he told us that he wanted to try a new medication that did have some side effects, such as fatigue to the muscles. We knew that we had to try it, and we were grateful that the side effects were not extremely harsh on her. We were also very happy that the treatment started working after just a few months. That was a while ago, and her acne has not returned!