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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Got Rid of My Work Injury

A Petaluma chiropractor got rid of my work related injury and it’s the best thing ever. I work from home, basically I ride a keyboard for about eight to ten hours a day writing various assignments for money, and I’ve been doing this type of work for quite a few years now. I like the flexibility of working from home and the ability to take time off whenever I need to without seeking permission from a boss. I planned on continuing this work for the foreseeable future until I recently ran into a problem that really scared me.

I first noticed the tingling in my right arm about six months ago. At first I thought I was having a heart attack, but the sensation went away quickly anytime I stepped away from the keyboard. That clued me in that I was probably overdoing it with the typing and so I tried various fixes to make sure I wasn’t developing carpal tunnel or a related issue. I tried elevating my wrist, taking frequent breaks, stretching my hand, and other such things.

My Back is Hurting Me Again

In fact the root of this problem goes back a long time, to when I was in college. I was drinking beer at this party with the girl that I was dating and all of a sudden a very large and very drunk guy took a swing at me. Later on I learned that he had mistook me for some guy he thought had stolen his girl. Someone else told me that the girl had never wanted anything to do with him and it was all stupid. A Sacramento chiropractors clinic ended up fixing me up after it was over, but that seems to only remedy the situation for a couple of years.